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At Tuck, we believe it is imperative for current and future business leaders to understand the implications of the decisions made today on business and society. The COP16 conference seeks to set an ambitious global agreement to address climate change.  A sound understanding of this agreement is necessary to enable business leaders to incorporate the impact of climate change on their business plans and mitigate potential threats to their organizations, to people, and the planet.

As an international delegation we have seen how the climate change debate is having an impact on the decisions made by businesses around the world.  We look forward to learning from the perspectives of other conference attendees and to sharing our experiences and views on these issues with Tuck and the greater Dartmouth community.

Contact Us

To learn more about us or to reach the delegation, contact Kim Keating, Director of Public Relations at 603-646-2733 or Kim.N.Keating@ tuck.dartmouth.edu

About Tuck

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Founded in 1900, Tuck is the first graduate school of management in the country and consistently ranks among the top business schools worldwide.

Business and Climate Change: Course Offering at Tuck

Professor Sundaram’s elective class.

The Allwin Initiative at Tuck

The Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship aims to prepare Tuck students for leadership in this increasingly complex, interconnected world.

Media Links

CFO Scorecard

FFß corporate scorecard created by Professor Anant Sundaram at Tuck Business School for CFO magazine.

Prof. Anant Sundaram on Fox Business

Prof. Sundaram on what future business leaders should focus on during the COP15 summit.

Prof. Sundaram on PBS Nightly Business Report

Prof. Sunadaram talks about “The Climate Economy” and what climate change could mean for the bottom line.

WMUR TV: Tuck students and Prof. Sundaram talk about their Copenhagen visit


Meet Our Delegation

Professor Anant Sundaram

Hometown: Hanover, NH

Areas of Expertise: Finance, Business & Climate Change

Website: http://www.tuck.dartmouth.edu/faculty/faculty-directory/anant-k-sundaram/

Pat Palmiotto, Director of the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship

Hometown: Hanover, NH

Areas of Expertise: Education on the interesection of business interests and society’s needs

Website: http://mba.tuck.dartmouth.edu/initiative/index.html

Momoka Osako, Tuck Class of 2011

Hometown: Tokyo, JAPAN

Education:  Kyoto University, ’00

Professional background:  NTT Communications (telecommunications)

Summer experience:  Personnel Decisions International Japan (HR Consulting)

Areas of expertise: Telecom and IT, HR management, International Political Economy

Goals at COP16: To connect with companies, NGOs, and governments (such as Japan) about approaches to emissions reduction, to learn about the latest approaches and activities of other nations and international organizations (such as UN) to create initiatives for environmental issues in the post-Kyoto Protocol era, and find the keys for developed economies to cooperate with developing countries (and vice versa) on environmental needs.

Personal statement: I believe the most effective solutions for environmental issues come only from collaboration between businesses and policymakers.  Intergovernmental organizations also must take initiative and provide momentum. Actions may vary by country and entity, but every human in this world has the obligation to contribute to solve environmental and energy problems regardless of the development level of his or her country’s economy.

Alex Meditz, Tuck Class of 2011

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Education:  Middlebury College, ’05

Professional background:  Charles River Associates, Morgan Stanley Commodities Group

Summer experience:  EnerNOC, Inc.

Areas of expertise:  Energy Markets

Goals at COP16: To connect with firms, governments, and NGOs examining the markets for environmental externalities (such as emissions credits and cap/trade systems).  To learn about other nations’ approaches to financing clean energy projects.

Personal statement: Despite the considerable attention corporate responsibility and “green endeavors” have received greatly, the vast majority of firms still exist to generate a profit for shareholders.  Of paramount importance is figuring out how the world can make corporate responsibility profitable and consistent with corporations’ ultimate mission.  In my opinion, this is the only way the current trend can truly gain momentum and become permanent.  Government mandates and regulations can only go so far.   

Karsten Barde, Tuck Class of 2011

Hometown: Porterville, CA and Boston, MA

Education:  Dartmouth College, ’04

Professional background:  New Profit Inc. social venture fund

Summer experience:  Stion thin-film PV startup

Areas of expertise:  Startups, venture capital, and US policy/politics

Goals at COP16: To connect with companies and NGOs about private sector approaches to emissions reduction, to learn about other nations’ approaches to financing clean energy, and to seek out new organizing approaches for the UNFCCC.

Personal statement: I believe the perspectives of business are a critical leverage point for climate advocacy.   Policymakers and the public trust business leaders to develop new technologies and business models that serve society’s material needs and fuel economic activity.  Private companies have enormous resources to work with, and proven approaches to evaluating investment projects.  The most effective national policies on climate change must combine carrots and sticks, and find support from forward-thinking business leaders.

Dawson Her Many Horses, Tuck Class of 2010

Hometown: White River, SD

Education:  Columbia University, ’04

Professional background:  SIFMA

Summer experience:  Finance

Areas of expertise:  Forthcoming

Goals at COP16: Forthcoming

Personal statement: Forthcoming


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