Business Leaders Arriving in Cancun

A huge part of what we’ve been seeking here has been a place where the private sector can have positive impact, either as part of, or adjacent to the COP process.

Things are about to get more exciting:

1) We’ll be joining the first day of the World Climate Summit on Saturday, focused on the role businesses can play, with many of the big American multinationals in attendance.

2) We hope to catch up with Shelly Meyers T’92 from The Carbon War Room who is arriving Friday night. The Carbon War Room is a Sir Richard Branson project and will be very interesting to watch.

3) We’re going to look more into Pete’s former organization The Climate Group in hopes of finding them around Cancun on Saturday before we head back to the States. They’re hosting a summit next Monday-Wednesday that will look very closely at progress being made in China. (They are a Tony Blair-affiliated group of member companies and sub-national government entities, with some roots in the International Investors Group on Climate Change.)

Stay tuned!


About karstenbarde
Tuck MBA, co-chair of 2011 Business & Society Conference, officer of Dartmouth Energy Collaborative, and blogger for COP16 delegation.

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