The Road to COP16

If the road to success in climate change is as arduous as the Tuck team’s journey to the convention center today, the world is in trouble. What we thought would be a quick 30 kilometer taxi ride turned into into an hour and a half journey, as bumper to bumper summit traffic quickly slowed our pace to a crawl. Once there, thinking we were in the home stretch, we were met with continued opposition and were forced to wait for two more hours to get our badges for admittance. The effort was absolutely worth it, however, and we were rewarded with the opportunity to explore the convention center with its many side events, booths, and exhibits. Future days will be much easier, but the first day’s endeavor was no slouch.

Almost as if an analogy for the goal of the broader summit, all signs point to success in the climate change arena as being considerably more difficult than any minor inconvenience we suffered en route today. The outside of the convention center was peppered with protesters (though I imagine there will be many more in the coming days). Similarly, once inside, booths were set up by various NGOs, non-profits, and other organizations to promote their viewpoints and missions. Although we only spent a very short amount of time today wandering around the area, one thing is extremely clear: the diversity of opinions, ideas, and goals for climate change is mind blowing. As Professor Sundaram pointed out, if you put five people in a room, you would probably get six different opinions. Tomorrow we hope to wander around the maze of booths for longer, talk to those representing the various organizations, and attend several of the side events on topics of particular interest.


One Response to The Road to COP16

  1. Karsten Barde says:

    Update: Traffic Tuesday and Wednesday has been a breeze. Monday was a pain because of security surrounding Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s visit, plus the kinks hadn’t yet been worked out of the overall conference traffic management systems.

    We have also better figured out how to navigate the UNFCCC transportation logistics – not an easy feat to begin with, and hard to imagine how less web-savvy, non-English speakers are able to manage!

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