Short, Very Polite Statements


I am in the plenary listening to a series of short, very polite statements read by delegates from different countries and groups ( such as EU and Group of 77) supporting the COP process and highlighting what issues they feel are most important and deserve attention during these talks. All have emphasized the need to act . I expect there is a great deal of symbolism here – that these public statements provide a glimpse into the list of issues that fuel the deeper arguments taking place in the negotiations sessions. I talked with a negotiator from Ghana during the bus ride to the Moon Palace and he indicated that behind the scenes is where the real debate is found- not a surprise!

There are a few seats remaining available in the back of the room. I find it very satisfying to have access this year  and now can to do the work of an official UN observer- observing the process in action.


About Pat Palmiotto
Pat Palmiotto is Executive Director of Center for Business & Society at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The Center works to increase understanding and dialogue about issues at the intersection of business and society. Started in 2001, the Center is an integral component of the Tuck School enriching the MBA program, sharing knowledge with others, and supporting faculty research. Prior to Tuck, she worked in the fields of management consulting and education.

2 Responses to Short, Very Polite Statements

  1. Manoj Sahoo says:

    Pat great to hear that students from Tuck are making it to COP16. Great to hear that Prof. Sundaram is moderating a disussion at COP16. Hope the UN has pulled up its socks to make sure it’s not a logistical nightmare as COP15 @Copenhagen was. Best of luck. Hope you have a great time at Cancun

  2. Peter Holzaepfel says:

    What’s the word on the street? Is there much to suggest that there are concrete steps being taken to deliver something on REDD+, technology transfer and an adaptation fund? As Karsten’s earlier post points out, using comments from Jennifer Morgan, demonstrating real actionable progress is critical to keeping the UN process moving forward and relevant.

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